Event Management

With an assigned Technical Event Manager handling the logistics of your event, you will have peace of mind knowing a professional is there to guide you through any technicalities. Your Technical Event Manager will oversee and provide support to you from the beginning to the end of your event. Our staff is trained to focus on the details and particulars that will ensure your event is a memorable success for your attendees.

Audio Visual Reinforcement

Audio and Video reinforcement is the key to producing great events. It entails the equipment that is needed to producing the event as well as the knowledge on how to use that equipment. It is experience on how to handle situations when challenges present themselves onsite. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience!

MCRI owns a variety of highend audio and video equipment which is used for annual conferences, symposiums, galas, dinner meetings, etc. MCRI also has an experienced staff of technical directors, audio engineers, lighting techicians and camera men, who are highly trained to use the equipment. This gives us an edge in that we can optimally operate our equipment while onsite, leaving out the guessing game. Our focus is a professional and direct approach to giving you exactly what you need, while providing you with the outstanding service you deserve.

Event Capture

As analog signal is becoming a thing of the past, companies are looking to move forward and express their message in the very best quality, whether it be a simple speech or a full blown presentation. Digital content is the way of the future, and as many of us know, the audience wants the most realistic broadcast to fully understand your message.

Simple audio capture and video capture in digital formats for use on websites or simply for archival purposes, is the trend. But to take it a step further, there is also live webcasting. This option really broadens the range of broadcast possibilities for companies. It allows you to broadcast your event as it's taking place, giving remote users a chance to view it via a secure website. They can access the event even after it has finished, giving them complete replay capabilities.

Whether you're looking to do a simple audio or video capture, or interested in the live webcasting, MCRI is a leader and is fully equipted to handle this for you.